people drink, they get drunk, they pass out.
then their "friends" become artists.

updated 06.10.17

   these images depict the ramifications of overindulgence and the resulting consequence. these are not from talladega and we do not know these people. the images were culled from the far and wide extremes of the interwebs and are simply presented here for your visual enjoyment. let this serve as a warning that you should perhaps avoid "friends" that may turn your rough night into an artistic display worthy of this page. 

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play the tequila warning while you view this page.


saying it with flowers and duct tape.

sanitized for your protection.

 csi: hallway

 whose a pretty powdered girl now? yeah, you are

 beer, candy, and smokes. it just don't get much better

 sharpie test face

 captain creamhead uses his bananaphone to summon help.

 leaning tower of patty


 like driftwood washed upon the shore, so are the women in our lives

 yeah listen, could you bring me a roll of paper. i'm all out       side

fountain of youthful drunks.

did he actually bend that step with his face?

 wait a minute, is that mitch in the middle there?

send your alcohol influenced images
passed out drunk art tips

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