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updated 03.15.15
   this web site was started in 2005 as an online photo album of the spring weekend event. every year prior, mitch would remind me about how much fun i was missing. finally, in 2004 and in an effort to shut him the hell up, "fine, count me in next year!".
   i was amazed that these guys have been doing this dega thing for so many years, yet had scant little to show for it picture-wise. i am thankful to be included, as these are some of the greatest guys i know, although i often get the impression they think there may be too many pictures now. there have been slight repercussions over a few pictures from a couple of wives, but this isn't about them. anyway, moving on...
  over the years, this site has grown with not only our annual content, but input from the camp friends we have made and those that wish to share their pictures. we have met some great people along the way. whether they are fellow campers or returning police officers that check up on us, we appreciate all of them more than we can say. it truly makes the weekend that much better.
   while talladega is the site's primary focus, other nascar events have and will be included, if and when the opportunity presents itself.

   there are ads on this site, but unlike many websites any more, we avoid employing overpowering and annoying ad tactics in an effort to drive up ad revenue. we feel our ad placement allows you the option to click the ad, which we appreciate, or easily ignore it with little regard.
   you do not have to chase down our image content through page after page of cluttered clickbait bullshit. there is no membership to join, no signing in, and no passwords to remember. we do not track you or your computer in any way.

   this web site is divided into two separate sections in an effort to allow everyone to see the dega party weekend, with or without the R rated content. that and the google took issue with their ads on the same page as bare naked breasts. it makes sense too, as we all know boobs are dangerous and need to be avoided.

   as always, you are free to add, correct, and/or condemn what we have here.

thanks and perhaps we'll see you in north park,


you can trust us. really, we mean it.
come on, we're serious, stop laughing.
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