summer 2014, degabus 3.0
updated 05.12.15
the first bus was a 1977 gas powered model, put into service in 1995.

 the second bus is featured on this website from 2005-2014.
it was a 1983 gas powered model and has been sold.
it was a good machine that gave many years of trouble-free service.

 bus #3 is a 1994 diesel that entered the scene in june of 2014.
spring 2015 was it's maiden dega voyage.
the bus was transformed from the kid friendly school bus
of the past, into the adult debauchery action wagon of today.

mitch removes most of the seats to make room for bunks and the "living room".

a few seats will remain for the tables.

bus 2 is losing it's accommodations, as they move to bus 3.

spring 2015
degabus 'auto body and paint huffers' at work.
version 3.0 becomes 3.1

03.21.15: first, a good scrubbing with steel wool and comet cleanser. 

seems gary decided to help out by staying home.

then a hose down and suds.

this is a 'gary free' work zone.

masking off the non-black parts.

finishing up. ready for paint.

i love you too, dean, jerk.

loading paint.

dean working the spray gun.

if i have to see this, so do you.
i could have lived the rest of my life not seeing mitch's snow white casper ass.
you can go ahead and try to unsee it, but it's too late!
it's burned in and will likely be in that life movie that flashes by, moments before you die.

oh look, there's gary! just in time to slip away and avoid work.

dean nearing the end.

painting complete, removing the masking.

gary stands frozen in a trance, mesmerized by the shiny window.

all the black is finished. next up, the roof and trim paint.

long productive day.

the upper lights are changed from the standard school bus
"stop before you kill the children" safety flashers,
to additional brake lights and turn signals.

03.29.15: top goes white like mitch's... oh, never mind.

04.09.15: mitch mounts the rear ladder.

red detailing and roof mounted cargo box.

awning hooks mounted to the roof.

gary keeps busy by watching mitch work.

kevin, carpet installer.

04.14.15: interior l.e.d. lighting. image taken with mitch's antique flip phone.

 04.21.15: the new logo is being applied.

done. let's roll...


we received this picture of degabus 2.0 being readied for a movie project
of some sort. perhaps we will acquire further imagery and info about this endeavor.

10.12.18, Jeremy H., Talladega, Your old bus is just setting in talladega rusting away its sad.
Its been setting there for 2 years now i believe.
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