spring 2011, north park, talladega, alabama
 updated 06.08.11
    we had many visitors that swore they would send in some pictures. if you have some random dega confunction you wish to share, we welcome your input.

chris martin sent us this photo of him having more fun than the law allows,
while on his dega bachelor party weekend.
look at all the babes in this picture! no, not you, future mrs. martin, turn away, don't look!
judging from this picture, we can only speculate if he is wearing pants. he was a great sport and
it was a pleasure to meet him. we wish him and his bride all the best with their nuptials.

whereas here is chris having less fun. this 'dega handshake' may disable his use of that thing on his honeymoon.
it seems things kinda find balance, right future mrs. martin? thanks to gresham barker for this great picture.

gresham barker sent us this picture of gary and jay.

"Now a Sunday tradition. Pizza, wings, NASCAR and my favorite Dega bus T shirt!!!"
chris pattison, our favorite canadian, bought the only extra degabus.com t-shirt i had left. he sent this picture.
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